As the name suggests, Volgren’s Endura is the bus to add to your fleet when you’re looking for engineering excellence matched with outstanding durability. We’ve built this bus to withstand the most exacting use, whether you intend to operate it as a coach, a school bus or under the toughest of conditions as a mine transport vehicle.

This is a proven long-life bus.

When you purchase the Endura, you’ll be purchasing an Australian-designed vehicle with a corrosion-resistant body, meaning lower fuel consumption, less wear-and-tear, cheaper repairs and less maintenance over the life of the bus.

A bus made with a Co-Bolt® aluminium body is unlike any vehicle on the Australian market. For operators, Co-Bolt® means far superior reliability and lower long-term costs than a traditional steel bus – we offer a 15-year warranty on Endura buses’ aluminium structures.

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Optimus Low-floor School Bus

The popular Optimus-bodied, route bus is available as a single or double door school bus on a range of chassis combinations. The low-floor, seatbelted vehicle can be used for daily school services and standard route services outside of school times. Suitable for Rural and Regional operators, the single door option offers improved wheelchair accessibility thanks to a more spacious layout than its two-door sibling.

The Optimus low-floor school bus has two generous sized wheelchair bays enabling easy access for older passengers, parents with prams, those with passengers using wheelchairs.

Like the Endura, the Optimus low-floor school is built to last and we offer a 15-year warranty on the aluminium body structure.

Audace 1050

Passenger comfort, affordable luxury

The new look Audace 1050 is an incredibly versatile bus perfect for school, charter, mining and the long distance coach sector. Available in either 57 fixed or 53 reclining seat models, both buses feature high levels of customisation and flexibility with options for toilets and wheelchair lifts installed.

The Marcopolo Audace is a high-quality, flexible bus, paired with a top-class European chassis, offering plenty of passenger comfort while being competitively priced.

Like all Volgren vehicles, the Audace 1050 is supported by Australia’s largest aftersales network.

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G8 Coach Series

The new family of G8 Coaches from Marcopolo represents a breakthrough in innovation, with unique standards of safety, comfort, connectivity, handling and ergonomics, for passengers and driver.

Composed of the traditional models of the Viaggio and Paradiso lines, in their different versions, Generation 8 was developed for the chassis models of the biggest automakers and, is now available for Australian operators.

A luxury coach series designed to make buses safer, more comfortable, more efficient and more profitable. Through creating the G8 range Marcopolo have transformed long distance coach travel.

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