Australia’s premier route bus

Our route bus – the Volgren Optimus – is our flagship product, a vehicle trusted by public transport operators across Australia and overseas. It’s a bus that passengers and drivers in all parts of the country have come to know and trust.

Designed in collaboration with the Monash University Faculty of Art, Design & Architecture in 2013, today’s Optimus has been developed to be both technically superior and meet the needs of operators, drivers, and passengers. ­

Utilising the unique, Swiss-designed Co-Bolt® system construction technology, we’ve built a bus that is lighter, more spacious, stronger and markedly safer than all other route buses produced in Australia.

Ergonomic, comfortable and fully functional

The Optimus’ ergonomic design ensures the driver’s area is comfortable and fully functional.

We built the state-of-the-art driver’s switch panel with an emphasis on less wiring and fewer components than previous designs, as well as improved systems diagnostics. Our use of an automotive-grade plastic dashboard with a matt black finish means low reflectivity and the highly durable, flat-surface materials make for easy cleaning.

The climate control system features boost fans and air-conditioning is ducted to the driver foot-well areas.

The integrated locker at the driver’s left leg incorporates key lockable latch and handle with padlock eyelet, providing security for cash and other valuables. A hinged sun visor closes the gap between the A pillar and the windscreen blind, allowing for better levels of driver comfort and safety.

More space and easier access for passengers

The latest version of the Optimus range includes a fresh interior look with clear, flat, maintenance-friendly surfaces, as well as an improved use of space that increases room for passengers. We offer the option of anti-graffiti measures and materials, as well.

The innovative wireless bell push system is simple to reconfigure to your preferred specification. That means less reason for something to go wrong – less wiring equals less complexity – and, ultimately, less downtime.

A composite, lightweight manual ‘flip-out’ ramp is fitted at the front door, complete with tapered edges in the base and including a ramp hook located in the driver’s area.

A better bus through brilliant technology

The Optimus range is fitted with an on-board, multiplex computer system that is accessed by the driver. It includes control of air-conditioning and the destination indicator.

Thermolite flooring makes our buses lighter, stronger and fire retardant. SpaceAge Synthetics’ Thermo-Lite Board® is a unique closed cell, lightweight composite product manufactured with cross-linked polymer foam and fiberglass. It’s exceptionally strong, durable, resistant to high temperatures and it doesn’t rot, making it the ideal material for our premium bus range.

LED saloon lighting is integrated into the roof air-conditioning duct and handrail support, reducing windscreen reflection. There are three zones on each side of the vehicle which are independently dimmable for improved function and safety.

A route bus for every journey

Our Optimus range covers buses for every challenge an operator might face, whether it’s a busier-than-usual route, limited road and curb space or simply the maintenance costs that come with running a high-use vehicle.

No matter which bus – or combination of buses you need – you can always be sure the Optimus we make for you today will be our best bus yet.

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Considerably larger than our longest standard Optimus, the articulated model is designed to offer you much greater passenger capacity. At 18 metres in length, this vehicle is ideal for the busiest routes that enjoy relatively high amounts of road space.


Beautiful design, outstanding fuel economy and the lowest lifetime cost in its class make our standard low-entry Optimus a brilliant route bus choice for your business. Our flagship low-entry aluminium bus comes in three main lengths so you can choose precisely the vehicle to suit your route requirements:

11.9 metres • 12.5 metres • 14.5 metres


Our double deck bus is ideal for mass transit in markets where height is no obstacle and curb and road space is limited. The double deck version of the Optimus occupies a similar footprint to a typical route bus but provides greater capacity and passenger comfort. Designed with the safety of all passengers in mind, we’ve built the bus using a proven double deck structure. CCTV provides the driver with live monitoring of the upper area as well the staircase. High ceiling height allows for further comfort as passengers enter and exit the vehicle. The automated passenger counter system shows seat availability in real time.

Seats: 90 passengers • Total passenger capacity: 113


Combining everything operators know and trust in the company’s flagship Optimus route bus, with zero-emissions, the lightweight design delivers longer range, less downtime for charging and Volgren’s unmatched total cost of ownership.

Seats: 31-47 • Range: 250+km


Our ADR compliant, low-floor school buses have become a popular product especially among rural and regional operations. Safe, spacious and comfortable, the low-floor school bus has a flexible format to accommodate a wheelchair.

Seats: 39-44 • 12.5 metres


Designed and built in 2018, Volgren’s Optimus Hybrid bus has quickly become one of Australia’s mot popular low-emission vehicles. With the ability to be built on multiple technologies, our hybrid is a tried and tested solution helping operators transition their fleets to low emissions, while delivering passengers comfort and safety.

Seats: 39-44 • 11.9 metres • 12.5 metres

Key Features

  • Available in 10.8 through to 18m articulated
  • Aluminium naturally corrosion resistant
  • Lower lifetime running costs
  • Smooth and flat surfaces enabling easy cleaning
  • LED daytime running lights
  • All interior and exterior lamps LED-type (with the exception of high beams)
  • Integrated roof mounted air intake solution draws clean air, reducing filter replacement
  • Independently removable dash binnacle hood allowing unprecedented access to dash electricals
  • Flush LED interior saloon lighting, 3 zones per side of the vehicle all dimmable to reduce windscreen reflection
  • Thermolite flooring eliminates rotting, removing requirement of costly floor structure replacement midlife
  • Ergonomic design ensures driver’s area is comfortable and fully functional
  • State-of-the-art driver’s switch panel with less wiring and fewer components than earlier models
  • Innovative use of high-durability, low-reflection materials
  • Multiplex computer system including an on-board driver interface allowing:
    • Optional voice warnings to the driver including park brake warning alert system
    • Optional control of air conditioner and destination signage
    • Body and chassis diagnostics
  • Wireless bell push system:
    • Prevents wiring failures or rattles inside rails
    • Allows for easy addition of buttons in future
  • Wiper washer filler is external in the front cowl allowing easy access and eliminating water from inside of dash
    • Low washer fluid level warning comes through on-board computer
    • Driver’s locker/safe located at the driver’s left leg incorporates:
    • Key lockable latch/handle with padlock eyelet
    • Security for cash and the driver’s valuables
  • Integrated hinged sun visor closes the gap between the A pillar and the windscreen blind, providing better levels of driver comfort and safety
  • Five rear seats in an integrated seat/riser/parcel shelf assembly, with clear flat surfaces for cleaning and elimination of rubbish accumulation areas
  • Easily replaceable panels
    • Fixed = 3 minutes replacement time
    • Hinged = 5 minutes replacement time
  • Interchangeable driver’s security screens
  • Driver’s area fans overhead and at leg level
  • Windscreen film protects driver from UV radiation
  • Rubber mounted windscreen and destination glass for easy and fast replacement
  • Separate interior overhead chassis and body electrical centres
  • Hinged access panels to all service inspection areas including wheel arches

Key Capabilities

  • Graffiti or vandalism proof materials
  • CD/PA/Radio
  • DVD/TV
  • Reverse camera
  • CCTV system
  • Flexibility in key components
  • Electronic destination display
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