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Brazilian company Marcopolo SA, one of the world’s largest bus body manufacturers, now owns 100% of Volgren. This means that Volgren’s local capability is now strengthened by Marcopolo’s technology, buying power and more-than 60 years of global experience.

With this global capability comes new opportunities for our partners.

Our promise that “the bus we build for you today will be our best Volgren yet”, is now backed by global know-how.

Marcopolo at a glance

Founded in 1949, Marcopolo is now one of the largest bus body manufacturers in the world.

Marcopolo has:

  • Manufacturing facilities in 12 countries

  • More than 20,000 employees worldwide

  • Been listed on the Brazilian stock exchange since 1978

  • Vehicles running on the roads of more than 100 nations

  • Produced more than 400,000 buses over nearly seven decades

  • Launched a bus in Australia called the Audace, a versatile vehicle that can be used as a charter bus or coach

Want to know more about the company?

Visit the Marcopolo global website

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