Volgren Inside

Inside the Ingleburn facility

Australia’s premier bus body manufacturer, Volgren, has their sights fixed on expanding their after-sales business, and have relocated their Sydney workshop to bigger and better premises.
After six years based in Prestons, Volgren’s NSW After-Sales division shifted south along the Hume Highway to the suburb of Ingleburn. Now based in Broadhurst Road, the extra space is intended to allow the business to develop its after-sales and repairs business, staffed by expert tradesmen who can deal with any bus body related issue.
Matching Volgren with Ingleburn is inspired. Both hold sizable positions within their respective communities, and have vibrant future prospects. Situated 44 kilometres south-west of the Sydney’s central business district, Ingleburn retains a country-like sensibility while achieving a progressive attitude to development; roads and infrastructure have improved in line with the growth corridor for south-western Sydney infrastructure plans.
The M7 offers excellent access linking northern and southern areas.
The Ingleburn Business Chamber, a volunteer and progressive organisation focused on promoting and progressing their town as a major retail, commercial, and industrial hub, lists on their website that Ingleburn is “currently recognised as a viable, lively, and booming centre and community”, a description that defines Volgren’s own business characteristics. Confirming the match, several of Ingleburn’s roads are named after motor-vehicles, one of which is Mercedes Street, just one of the several buses Volgren repairs for customers.
With Mercedes Street a residential road, Volgren choose the monolithic, blue building at 7 Broadhurst Road as the new After-Sales headquarters. At 4000 square metres, the new complex dwarfs the Prestons site, and is a far cry from the original service vans ran out of Penrith to cater for any after-sales work. With large roller doors at each end and a cavernous interior, the site is suited to the Volgren’s repair processes. The after-sales team, like Ingleburn, has its eyes on the future, and the extra space is part of the growth.
Within the building’s confines, a brand new, 22 metre, state-of-the-art spray booth has been installed. Any crash repair involves respraying the damaged panels to match the existing colour of the bus, a tricky job. Able to fit most bus makes or models, the new booth will create a high-quality finish, a service Volgren is justly proud of.
The listed services do not end there.
Any warranty work on either the Volgren or Marcopolo buses will be handled on-site. They will refurbish all makes and models to the customer’s requirements; complete any modifications, such as seat changes or installations, and window and windscreen replacements. Tools and machinery are onsite to handle aluminium and steel fabrication work, and MIG and TIG welding, necessary to remake a bus better than before. Smash repairs, whether major or minor, will be completed to a high-quality standard.
The people behind these services are expert trade-certified technicians backed by intimate knowledge only accessible to the biggest bus body manufacturer in Australia. Having built bus bodies since 1977, Volgren has a long and successful history of service and repairs for all makes and models and currently lists STA, CDC, and Busways as major customers within New South Wales. With years of experience, there exists no job too big or too small for the team.
Determined to prove their claims of being the best body repairers in New South Wales, Volgren is holding an Open Day on 18th May. This will not only showcase the new premises, complete with the advanced spray booth, but also the quality of repairs and modifications available to customers.
Volgren are enthusiastic and have a clear vision for what they want to achieve to keep their feet on the ground and value their customers.
“We have a long history in Sydney with John Steele and his team giving unparalleled support to our customers over this time and taking the next step with the Ingleburn premises reinforces Volgren’s commitment to our New South Wales customer base. We are very excited about the future,” said Volgren’s National Manager of After-Sales, Ross Thompson.
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