Australia’s largest bus body builder has bolstered its team with five new appointments across sales and marketing, engineering, and production.
Two of the executive appointments, Joaquim Gomes, Volgren’s new Engineering Manager, and Yuri Tessari, Sales and Marketing Manager, have extensive experience working with Volgren’s parent company, Marcopolo S.A.
Volgren’s Chief Executive Officer, Thiago Deiro, said the executives will inject new talent into the company and improve the connection between Volgren and Marcopolo.
“In the last year we’ve been working hard on a company-wide transformation focusing on lean manufacturing and implementing standardised processes that bring us into greater alignment with Marcopolo.”
“The appointment of Joaquim and Yuri are part of that strategy, deepening the connection between the two companies and creating a knowledge exchange across our design, manufacturing and engineering teams. Each step in the restructuring process is about improving culture and mindset – the way that we do things, values, behaviours and attitudes.”
Deiro said that by clarifyng responsibilities he hopes to accelerate decision-making processes and remove disturbances on the production line.
“Our goal is to make the company easier to manage, improve communication flow, reduce duplication within and across functions and teams, and ensure the right people with the necessary skills are in the right place.”
foto_joaquimJoaquim, an expert in engineering process and bus building has spent more than two decades with Marcopolo S.A.  The mechanical engineer is focused on a global improvement of Marcopolo’s engineering system and improving Volgren’s engineering processes using the lean methodology.
“Having [Marcopolo] engineering teams across the world working in the same rhythm helps us better utilise our knowledge and resources, for instance, we have a team in Brazil with more than 20 years
experience with FEA (Finite Element Analysis), which can be incorporated into Volgren’s product improvement program.
“The strategy is one of continuous improvement. It’s a practice that never ends. Everything that I’m learning at Volgren can be incorporated into our global teams to ensure we have the best possible engineering process,” Joaquim said.

Tessari worked at Marcopolo for a decade and has recent experience with Scania in Sweden. He says that the Australian bus market is unique and Volgren’s high-quality, safe and comfortable buses meet the distinctive demands of the industry.
Volgren’s product portfolio is aligned with Marcopolo’s global product range. The company aim has always been the full and deep understanding of each customer’s needs and a hand-crafted solution to meet those demands and expectations,” Yuri said.
Jim Jones previously held the responsibilities for Sales and Marketing in his role as Commercial Manager.  Jim has since been promoted to Chief Operating Officer – responsible for Volgren’s three manufacturing sites in Victoria, Queensland, and Western Australia.  Jim also retains commercial responsibility for Volgren’s major bus supply contracts, in WA with the Public Transport Authority, and in QLD with Brisbane City Council.
Deiro said that the restructuring process would not change Volgren’s “DNA”.
“This is an Australian company that was built by Australians and you have to keep that.
“Regardless of what new people come into our team, the number one rule is to treat our people with respect, listening to them and work with them. This is part of our values, the main pillars of our culture. I’m trying to promote this human side of the business.
“We have to make sure that our people work in a safe and positive environment, they’re well trained, motivated and committed to our success and our customers success.”