Australia’s largest bus body builder Volgren has extended its zero-emission capabilities by partnering with leading European hydrogen bus manufacturer, Writghtbus to develop and deploy Hydrogen powered fuel cell buses for the Australian market.
The partnership announcement follows Volgren’s successful grant from the Victorian Government’s Renewable Hydrogen Commercialisation Pathways Fund.
Yuri Tessari, Volgren’s Chief Commercial Officer, said the partnership with Wrightbus would bring the world’s leading hydrogen chassis technology to Australia.
“We believe that Hydrogen has an important place in Australia and Wrightbus is one of the most important global players in hydrogen buses. We are confident the partnership will help speed up the deployment of hydrogen buses in Australia.
“Wrightbus builds bodies for their products in the UK and Europe. In fact, they use similar body technology to Volgren, namely bolted extruded aluminium profiles. This shared expertise and understanding is one of the many aspects of the partnership that we think will make it a success.”
Wrightbus CEO Buta Atwal said: “As the UK’s leading bus manufacturer with world-leading products, we’re incredibly proud to be partnering with Australia’s number one bus body builder in Volgren. Like us, Volgren is always on the cutting edge of new and emerging technology to drive the industry forwards. There are some fantastic parallels between the two companies and we’re looking forward to a long and successful working relationship.

L-R: Nathan Hodge Wrightbus international, Yuri Tessari Volgren CCO, Thiago Deiro Volgren CEO, Ian Paisley MP for North Antrim, Buta Atwal Wrightbus CEO and James Toolan Department for International Trade Deputy Director of Northern Ireland.

“This is the first time we’ve exported our powertrain technology to a bus body manufacturer, the first time we’ve entered the Australian market as a business, and the hydrogen buses will be the first of their kind to be built in Australia so this is a significant deal for everyone involved.
“We know from our extensive experience the significant part hydrogen can play in the decarbonisation of public transport and we believe the scope for uptake across the Australian market is huge as the country makes the vital switch to zero-emission vehicles. We’re excited to be in from the start.
Thiago Deiro, CEO of Volgren said the partnership was not just good news for sustainability, and the nation’s move towards green transport, but also for the economy.
“By collaborating with Wrightbus, we’re securing local jobs in Australia’s zero-emission future and creating knowledge and experience in hybrid fuel cell technology.”
“Volgren has always been at the vanguard of adopting new technologies. We’ve proven that with the development of our Battery Electric Buses and now we have the opportunity to do the same with our first hydrogen prototype.”
Thiago added that Volgren would continue to invest in technologies and partnerships that accelerate Australia’s push towards zero-emission transport and said hydrogen was a logical part of that strategy.
The first Volgren-Wrightbuses are expected to be ready in the first few months of 2023. The buses will be the first hydrogen buses in Australia to be built by an Australian manufacturer, and the first to be powered using European chassis technology.
About Volgren
Volgren is Australia’s largest bus body builder with manufacturing operations in Dandenong (Victoria), Eagle Farm (Queensland) and Malaga (Western Australia). Owned by global bus giant Marcopolo, Volgren has designed, built and delivered close to 10,000 bus bodies – including Battery Electric Buses and builds with around 85 per cent local content.
Volgren is a strong advocate of local jobs; manufacturing, fitting out and finalising buses in facilities throughout the country. In Victoria alone, Volgren use around 100 Australian suppliers and is incredibly proud to retain almost 90 percent proportion of local production.
About Wrightbus
Wrightbus, based in Ballymena, Northern Ireland, builds the world’s lightest bus chassis and has developed the world’s first double-decker hydrogen bus. Owned by Jo Bamford, who bought the business in 2019, Wrightbus is at the vanguard of the zero-emission bus movement.

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