This month Volgren delivered a further two 18m articulated buses to Japan’s largest bus operator the Nishitetsu Railway Company. This delivery is another positive move with the operator announcing that they will purchase a further 13 units over the next three years. Earlier this month Nishitetsu placed a tentative order for a further three Volgren/Scania units, placing Volgren is in a good position to receive additional orders in the future. Volgren is also in the final negotiation phase with another operator based in Kyoto for the delivery of an initial quantity of two articulated buses by Christmas this year.
While the initial orders are small, this is in line with the market’s conservative approach. Placing orders for small quantities as trust is built.
The initial four articulated buses delivered to the City of Niigata last year as a trial are working exceptionally well. They have entered full service and are enjoying the winter season.