Marcopolo has unveiled a new mobile seat device, designed to help facilitate the boarding of disabled people into buses.
‘Easy Boarding’, is the result of consultation with operators, mobility specialists and developed in accordance to the criteria established by the Brazilian Association of Technical Standards – ABNT and by Inmetro.
Petras Amaral, manager of design and innovation at Marcopolo, said while there is no obligation for the installation of this type of equipment, the population of people with difficulties in locomotion is approximately 45 million.
“Easy Boarding system offers speed and represents a differential in terms of accessibility. Its ease of use and the humanized process, are standouts that will hopefully encourage people with different needs to choose or reconsider bus travel,” Mr Amaral said.
The new innovation is currently awaiting approval and can be installed in several Marcopolo buses.
Amaral said the moveable seat does not require alignment of the vehicle to the curb or to the pavement, so there are no misalignments in the approach of the passenger.
“After placing the three-point seat belt, the seated passenger is raised to his or her seating position in the vehicle, then the seat is locked to the floor and the door closes.”
“The electric lift system is specially sealed between the passenger saloon and the luggage compartment, with low noise levels.”
Easy Boarding recently won the inaugural innovation Award from the Chamber of Industry, Commerce and Services of Caxias do Sul (Brazil).
“We are anticipating the legislation, which only goes into effect in 2017, and offering alternatives that make bus travel even safer and more comfortable,” Mr Amaral said.