We know very well that the costs involved with a bus don’t begin and end with the purchase price. The lifetime costs of running a commercial vehicle are substantial, and that’s why we when we talk about “building better buses”, we’re not referring to outstanding engineering for the sake of it. Our aim is to manufacture buses that in every way save operators money – in maintenance, fuelling, repair and service.

In fact, when you buy a Volgren, you’ll buy a vehicle with the lowest lifetime cost of any bus in Australia.

That’s not an opinion, it’s a guarantee.

And we support it with world-class university research.

A Guarantee Backed by Research

In a recent study by Monash University, researchers investigated life cycle cost differences between Volgren bodied buses and others in the Australian market.

After conducting rigorous analysis involving three bus operators around Australia and examining categories such as repair and refit costs, fuel savings and purchase price, Monash found that an operator could expect a saving of more than $60,000 over the life of a Volgren bus compared to competitor buses. That equates to a saving of 7.3% compared to other bus bodies.

It all comes down to the technology we use, the manufacturing experience we draw upon and the after sales service we provide. And as with everything we do, you can expect this to continue to improve with every bus we build.

What the Study Said…

“Based on annual VKT [vehicle kilometres travelled] of 62,000 kilometres, a lifetime saving of $36,000 is made in fuel by the Volgren. A lifetime saving of $10,000 is made through repairs, and another $10,000 through savings in refit costs. A further one-off saving of $4084 is made in the lower capital cost of the Volgren.”

- Monash University report, 2016
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