When we talk about bringing people together, we do it with a real sense of pride. And one of the reasons we’re so proud of our relationships is because they give our customers choice.

Because we – and our parent company Marcopolo – place such a strong emphasis on bringing people together, we have the capacity to build bodies on any chassis you prefer. Without excellent relationships between our engineers and the world’s best bus manufacturers, we wouldn’t be able to offer bus operators that array of options.

But it doesn’t stop there. We can then complete the bus with your chosen interior fitout and power train technology – diesel, electric, hybrid, hydrogen, etc. – down to details such as seat fabrics and internal colours.

In short, you can buy a Volgren “off the shelf” if you want to – but you can also have us build a bus to your operational needs.

Volgren is large enough to supply to big fleet clients, but responsive enough to handle the most complex combinations.

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