About Us

Volgren has always stood for better buses. From the moment we built our first bus, with a body constructed from pioneering Swiss aluminium, we became standard-setters for quality and ingenuity.

That desire to always create a superior version of what already exists – whether it’s a vehicle, a process or a business partnership – still sits at the centre of everything we do.

Volgren’s Purpose

Volgren exists to provide bus partnerships of unmatched mutual value. Our purpose is, and has always been, to:

  • Manufacture buses that operators truly want to own.

  • Provide a service that our partners implicitly know they can rely upon.

  • Make a contribution to a safer and more sustainable community.

Volgren’s place in the market

By using our unique Co-Bolt® aluminium technology, refusing to compromise standards and putting our promises into practice, we deliver buses with the lowest total life cycle cost of any in the Australian market.

The size and international footprint of our global parent Marcopolo allows us to broaden our horizons – and to access the world’s best technology and processes – while maintaining our long-time emphasis on bringing people together.

What sits behind the Volgren badge?

For more information on Volgren bus bodies, bus sales or to enquire about after sales service, contact us on (03) 9791 4255 or click here to complete our enquiry form.

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