As the name suggests, Volgren’s Endura is the bus to add to your fleet when you’re looking for engineering excellence matched with outstanding durability. We’ve built this bus to withstand the most exacting use, whether you intend to operate it as a coach, a school bus or under the toughest of conditions as a mine transport vehicle.

This is a proven long-life bus.

When you purchase the Endura, you’ll be purchasing an Australian-designed vehicle with a corrosion-resistant body, meaning lower fuel consumption, less wear-and-tear, cheaper repairs and less maintenance over the life of the bus.

A bus made with a Co-Bolt® aluminium body is unlike any vehicle on the Australian market. For operators, Co-Bolt means far superior reliability and lower long-term costs than a traditional steel bus – we offer a 15-year warranty on Endura buses’ aluminium structures.

Volgren Front Headlight
Co Bolt® Aliminium Frame Design
Beautifully design passenger area
Bullbar option
12.3-12.5m 3.4m 2.5m Up to 61
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Endura Mine Transportation Vehicles

Volgren Mine transport vehicles provide you with high ground clearance, comfortable passenger and driver’s area with large luggage capacity, making them ideally suited for point-to-point operations.

These vehicles are built in Australia for Australian mine site conditions. Their aluminium construction makes them corrosion resistant and gives them a lower cost over the life of the vehicle than steel alternatives. They’re also lighter, safer and offer a more comfortable ride than many other options on the market.

Key Features

  • Can be built on all major chassis

  • High-strength aluminium bolted construction

  • Bolted fix lower panel for easy replacement

  • Flat interior saloon floor

  • Through bins

  • Bin doors to both sides

  • Modular interior luggage racks

  • All exterior and interior lamps are LED type (with exception of high beam)

  • Day time running lights

Key Capabilities

  • Wheelchair lift access

  • Individual AC vents

  • Out swing coach style door

  • CD/PA/Radio

  • Reverse camera

  • Parking sensors

  • DVD/TV

  • CCTV system

  • Polished alloy bullbar

  • Toilet

  • Flexibility in key components

  • Saloon window curtains

  • Individual reading lights

  • Electronic Destination display

  • Electronic sun blinds

  • Stone guard

  • No bin option

  • Mine transport spec option

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